Booking System Notes

Please see below details about your new booking system.

Your new booking system requires 2 aspects to work: a date range (season) and a rate applied to that season.

Take a look at the rates currently set up for you:
Click Here
Click on the Edit link to view more details eg see differing rates for different stay durations

And the seasons (date ranges):
Click Here

Please note; bookings can only take place if the above has been applied to the date range required for the booking. Eg if there isn't a season and rate set up for any dates in 2021 then no bookings can be made for 2021 until this has been added.

Various booking rules have been applied;
eg minimum / max stays
Changeover days

View your booking rules here:
View Booking Rules

You can view all bookings currently on the system here:
View All Bookings

If you need to manually add a booking, simply follow the below instructions:
First if all click here to get started:
Add New Booking

Enter the date range using the drop downs for the dates you wish to block off and click SEARCH
you don't need to fill in the rest of the drop down fields if you don't want to!
If the property is available then when you clicked on the Search button, it will show up below.
Select the property by clicking in the little tick box to the left of the property name and then click on "Reserve"
This will bring you to the booking page. Fill in the form  - the only required field is the number of guests, but this is just for your own benefit you can just put 1 guest if you want to!
Then just click on the "Book Now" button and your booking will be added to the calendar. Please note adding a manual booking doesn't allow you to take any money for the booking. You will need to request their payment independently of the booking system.

If you need to DELETE a booking from the site first of all view all your bookings here

View All Bookings

Find the booking you want to delete. Hover over the booking number, and you will see 2 options appear beneath the name of the booking - Edit & Bin.  Click on Bin and it will be deleted.

You can view all Payment History here:
View Payment History

If you are planning to offer the use of coupons, you can view all currently set up Coupons here:
View All Coupons

You can add a new coupon code here:
Add New Coupon
You can choose to offer a fixed amount in value or percentage. Simply enter the coupon code you would like to use in the Coupon Field box, and fill in the amount you wish to offer, and choose between percentage or fixed amount. Try and avoid letters or numbers that could be confusing eg capital "i"s, "o" which could be zero etc.

You can view all fees that are currently set up here
View all Fees
Fees differ to services, as fees are added to every booking.

Services are added extras that guests can order at the time of booking.
Here is a link to view any services that are currently added:
View All Services

Calendar syncing
You can view your calendar sync codes here
View Calendar Sync Codes

Your system is set to sync every hour, but if you wish to manually sync your calendars at any time you can do so by clicking here:
Manually Sync Calendars

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